D’Youville Elderly Housing

ABA rated these 42 homes in a 3-story Multi-family building for the Planning Office of Urban Affairs which is the development arm of the Archdiocese of Boston. The homes achieved Tier 2 MA Incentives and each home also qualified for the 2005 EPAct Energy Efficient builder’s tax credit worth $2000 per home. (This federal tax credit currently remains in effect through the end of 2011 for homes reaching 50% savings on heating and cooling in Single family homes and multi-family homes of 3 stories or less, as determined by a Complete HERS Rating and individual testing of each home.)

Each home in this building was modeled and inspected and tested for air leakage to the outside by a pressure testing method called “guarded testing.” ABA specializes in “guarded testing” which most accurately measures just the air leakage to the outside and not leakage to adjacent adiabatic spaces. Total air leakage of a unit is also important to compartmentalization, and can also be easily tested at the same time as the guarded testing.