Independent Verification Services

As HERS Raters we are responsible for evaluating, testing, and qualifying residential buildings for many different Programs.

Insightful Diagnostics and Testing

We offer a variety of building diagnostic services for architects, builders, and home owners. Whether computer modeling to assess thermal performance from plans, on-site diagnostic testing, or sharing best practices to optimize thermal performance, ABA has the experience and talent to help achieve common goals; build and maintain healthy, cost effective, efficient buildings for today and the future.

Advising for Extraordinary Performance

Whether your interests in pursuing a high efficiency home are driven by concerns about energy costs, climate change, environmental degradation, or simply comfort and durability concerns, there are a multitude of approaches which may be considered. ABA can offer consultation assistance to help determine which approach may best apply to your situation and interests.

Drone Imaging Services

ABA is flying! We are FAA certified for remote Unmanned Aerial Systems since October of 2016 and have airspace authorization for Boston and surrounding areas. We provide construction site documentation including orthomosaic mapping and 3D modeling of topography and buildings using photogrammetry. We also use a thermal camera mounted on a drone to provide an aerial perspective that is perfect for looking at large areas such as commercial flat roof for evaluating the extent of roof leaks. Let us show you what we can see!