ABA is a qualified certifier for the Federal Builders Tax Credit Program. In order to qualify for the credit, a home must be modeled to have a projected heating and cooling energy consumption level at least 50% below that of a standard reference home in the same region. Building envelope improvements must account for at least a 10% energy savings independent of other building features.

ABA offers all Energy Rater Services required to model the building for performance, verify building characteristics during construction, to test for air leakage when construction is complete, and to supply all necessary paperwork to claim the credit.

The US Government established the EPAct Builders Tax Credit in 2005 to offer a $2000/unit incentive to eligible contractors engaged in building high efficiency homes. Congress has extended the credit until December 2020 when it will once again be up for re-authorization.

The Builders Tax Credit may be pursued as part of other programs, such as ENERGY STAR Homes, in which case ABA’s fees as the certifier rater, may be partially or fully covered by the sponsoring utility.

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