EEMs (Energy Efficient Mortgages)

Developers and builders of energy efficient single and multi-family homes can benefit from plans analysis and energy modeling to qualify for Energy Efficiency Mortgages for their projects and for their customers. The energy consumption and cost of operating efficient homes can be projected by HERS ratings. Buyers of energy efficient homes can qualify for higher amounts of financing due their lower monthly operating costs of energy efficient homes.

By demonstrating lower operating costs for energy efficient homes, developers can realize sales benefits by providing information to potential buyers that will increase their borrowing power.

Existing Homes – EEM

HERS rating of existing homes can be used to qualify a home for energy efficiency improvements at the time a home is purchased. A lender requires Certification of projected energy performance following improvement for existing homes. Improvements can be included in a mortgage, the cost of which will be offset by the reduced energy costs for the home. ABA will quantify the cost/benefit of making identified improvements to obtain financing for energy efficiency upgrades when purchasing a previously owned home.

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