DER’s (Deep Energy Retrofit)

National Grid and NSTAR sponsor Pilot Programs for the upgrade of existing homes with incentive levels up to $42,000 in their respective service territories. If you’ve been considering major renovations to your home such as siding and window replacement, roof renewal, basement conversion or significant interior remodeling, it is worth considering a general improvement program which would include super-insulation of the building envelope and upgrade of mechanical systems.

A Deep Energy Retrofit targets energy reductions of 50% or greater along with greater levels of home comfort, improved indoor air quality, and improved durability of your home.

ABA can provide modeling services for evaluation of project goals, or can offer complete program application, design, construction, and engineering assistance in conjunction with the DEAP Energy Group.
For additional information see the following links:

National Grid DER Program
NSTAR DER Pilot Incentives

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