ABA provides Certified Passive House (PH) design expertise either at the engineering level, or for complete design, engineering, and construction supervision services.

The PH Standard is the most rigorous building energy standard in the world. It represents the most advanced approach to building envelope and integrated design available in the residential and light commercial building community. The primary objectives of the PH design process are to deliver comfort, durability and the highest levels of energy performance possible with existing technology.

PH is based on pioneering work conducted in the American Mid-West in the 1970s. The techniques were refined and further developed into a building standard in Germany in the mid 1990s. It is now a proven technique with tens of thousands of homes, schools, and public buildings built in Germany and Austria. It is being adopted as Code for new construction in countries across Europe.

The Standard places strict limits on heating and cooling energy, air infiltration, and source energy consumption. The highest levels of indoor air quality are assured by continuous ventilation and heat recovery.

Consultants, projects or building components that have obtained the right to carry the PH logo have committed themselves to design excellence and the Passive House energy performance criteria.

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