ABA to Participate in the All-Electric Homes Webinar Series!

ABA’s own Mike Browne will be a panelist for the second workshop in the All-Electric Homes Webinar Series, “The Case for Electrification, Part 2” on Wednesday, September 7th at 3:00 p.m. ET.

The Case for Electrification, Part 2

This webinar will feature an in-depth discussion of a unique all-electric home in Newton, Massachusetts. Key features of the Newton All-Electric Home include projected HERS Index Score of 45, Deep Energy Retrofit project, and continuous insulation and advanced air sealing.

The recently launched Mass Save All-Electric Home incentive is designed for single-family and 2- to 4-unit homes that utilize high-performance construction and feature all-electric appliances for heating, cooling, water heating, and cooking.

As part of the launch of this new and exciting offer, this webinar series features deep dives into the experiences of builders, architects, and engineers who work to design and construct real-world, all-electric homes—as well as the perspectives of the HERS raters involved in these projects. Throughout the series, our experts will discuss specific projects and present key details and lessons learned.


Builder: Nick Falkoff, Auburndale Builders
Architect: Richard Lo, Kaplan Thompson Architects
HERS Rater: Mike Browne, Advanced Building Analysis