HERS Ratings for MA Energy Code Compliance in Non-Stretch Code Communities

Download MA Energy Code Compliance Slideshow as a PDF

MA Amendments to Energy Code now allow a HERS Rating to be used for 2009
IECC “Performance” Path Compliance.
For 1-4 unit residential homes, the 8th edition residential code has an
alternative “Performance” path for homes with HERS Ratings of 75 or less.
Detailed information from the Mass.Gov is available at this link:
http://www.mass.gov/eopss/docs/dps/inf/780-8th-51.pdf   See pages 22-23.
And the following was just approved by the BBRS this week. For residential
buildings larger than 1-4 units, the 8th edition base code now allows HERS
ratings to be used for residential units up to 5 stories including mixed use
buildings. The HERS rating of each individual Home must be 70 or less and
will satisfy the “Performance” requirements of the 2009 IECC.